Our Shuttle service will pick you up from your house and can drop you home as well, provided it is accessible. Our friendly drivers will assist you with your luggage.


Avoid stressful transit

No traffic headaches. No parking hassles. No swapping trains.

Start travel hassle free

Flights are big enough already. Imagine starting off on the right foot!

We can bring you home too

Let us bring you all the way home after a long flight as well.

Domestic Flights

Please ensure you have your mobile phone switched on as soon as you can. This way you will help our driver to find you. You will receive messages and an approximate time and place to meet.

Wondering where to meet the driver?

Terminal 2: For passengers arriving on Domestic flights our meeting point is inside the glass doors near luggage carousel 6 for terminal 2.

Terminal 3: In Qantas terminal 3 the driver will meet you inside at luggage Carousel 3.

Your driver will be wearing a royal blue Hawaiian shirt.

International Flights

Please ensure you have your mobile phone switched on as soon as you can. This way you will help our driver to find you. You will receive messages and an approximate time and place to meet.

Wondering where to meet the driver?

For international arrivals your driver will meet you inside the International terminal at McDonalds.

Your driver will be wearing a royal blue Hawaiian shirt.

Departures and Arrivals

The office staff will need to know your flight number and departure time when you book with us. This applies to both international and domestic flights. For domestic flights you need to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight departure for check in. For international flights this is approximately 3 hours before flying.

With this information we can determine what time you will be picked up from home or one of our hot spot locations so you will arrive at the airport stress free.

Once you have booked our service you will receive a confirmation email with terms and conditions and a detailed summary of your booking. This document is important and you should check it carefully as this information is what we rely on to get you to and from the airport on time. You can check our terms and conditions here.

It is your responsibility to help us find you amongst the thousands of other travellers at the airport. As soon as you can make sure your mobile phone is switched on. Our drivers will contact you with text messages and voice mail messages. You will receive these as soon as the phone locks onto a nearby tower. Take the time to have a comfort break if you need it and maybe get a coffee, but please don’t wander around the airport duty free shopping because you may miss your bus.

For international passengers we ask that you make your way to McDonalds and stay inside the terminal. Your driver will meet you here and take you to where the bus is parked. He may have to pick up a number of passengers and when he knows you are all at McDonalds he will come into the terminal to collect you all.

For domestic passengers the process is the same. Have your mobile phone switched on and if you arrive at T2 collect your baggage and wait inside at baggage carousel number 6. If you arrive via Qantas, collect your bags and wait inside the terminal near carousel 3. The driver will contact you and let you know when he will be there to meet you.

It couldn’t be easier.

Early flight?

Our first shuttle bus service arrives at the airport at 6:00am daily. For check-in times earlier than 6:00am we recommend staying at any of the airport hotels so you can start your holiday with a good night’s sleep at the airport.

We are happy to take you on any of our previous day’s services straight to the hotel foyer.

Going on an adventure that needs big gear?

If you’re going on an adventure holiday that involves big gear, a shuttle is the easiest way to travel.

Your snowboards, surfboards, bikes and more can all be accommodated by our shuttle (we do ask that you tell us in advance though).


Surfing trip? No problem. Your board can travel with us for only $10.


Bringing your favourite snowboard on your flight is no problem. We will shuttle it for only $10.

Golf Clubs

Don’t be left without your perfect drivers. If you have a dream golf trip planned, let us shuttle them for you. Only $10 per bag.

Extra Luggage

You can bring the regular amount of luggage which is 1 x 32kg bag and 1x carry-on bag at no extra charge. If you have more than standard amount for a flight we can still accommodate it for only $5.00 per bag.


For a real cycling holiday only your own bike will do. Let us shuttle your bike for only $10 extra.