Our Shuttle service will pick you up from your house and can drop you home as well. Our friendly drivers will assist you with your luggage.


Avoid stressful transit

No traffic headaches. No parking hassles. No swapping trains.

Start travel hassle free

Flights are big enough already. Imagine starting off on the right foot!

We can bring you home too

Let us bring you all the way home after a long flight as well.

Domestic Flights

Wondering where to meet the driver?

Terminal 2: For passengers arriving on Domestic flights our meeting point is outside the glass doors near luggage carousel 6 for the Virgin/Jetstar terminal 2.

Terminal 3: In Qantas terminal 3 the driver will meet you at inside at luggage Carousel 3.

Your driver will be wearing a royal blue Hawaiian shirt and have a sign with your name on it.

International Flights

For an international flight we drop you off as shown on the map above.
For international arrivals you are to meet the driver outside the International terminal at McDonalds.


Your driver will be wearing a royal blue Hawaiian shirt and have a sign with your name on it.

Departures and Arrivals

When do I need to arrive at the airport? [Or, when do I need to leave the Central Coast?]

Our drivers regularly check the traffic conditions to ensure you arrive at the airport on time. It is the passenger’s responsibility to allow adequate check-in time for your flight.

Different airlines require different check-in procedures, and different cut-off times before each flight. Generally you need to be at airport 60 minutes before a domestic flight and between 2 – 3 hours before an international flight. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.

When you provide the flight number, we will advise the time you need to leave the Central Coast to make your flight. Then we will have a driver arrive at your door right on time to leave with peace of mind.

Step off your flight into the easiest way to get home to the Central Coast.

We’ll load your luggage.

We’ll navigate to your door.

We’ll deliver you to your door.

And if talking is the last thing you want to do, you don’t have to. Just sit and rest in our climate controlled bus and unwind.

Air-conditioned, comfortable shuttle bus by professional drivers.

You won’t find an easier way to the Central Coast than with Central Coast Shuttle Express.

Early flight?

Our first shuttle bus service arrives at the airport at 6:00am daily. For check-in times earlier than 6:00am we recommend staying at any of the airport hotels so you can start your holiday with a good night’s sleep at the airport.

We are happy to take you on any of our previous day’s services straight to the hotel foyer.

Going on an adventure that needs big gear?

If you’re going on an adventure holiday that involves big gear, a shuttle is the easiest way to travel.

Your snowboards, surfboards, bikes and more can all be accommodated by our shuttle (we do ask that you tell us in advance though).


Surfing trip? No problem. Your board can travel with us for only $10.


Bringing your favourite snowboard on your flight is no problem. We will shuttle it for only $10.

Golf Clubs

Don’t be left without your perfect drivers. If you have a dream golf trip planned, let us shuttle them for you.

Extra Luggage

You can bring the regular amount of luggage which is 1 x 32kg bag and 1x carry-on bag at no extra charge. If you have more than standard amount for a flight we can still accommodate it for only $5.00 per bag.


For a real cycling holiday only your own bike will do. Let us shuttle your bike for only $10 extra.